Welcome to DireFyre!

What in the world is DireFyre?

I have no idea… I picked the name because I thought it sounded cool and it rhymed!

BUT, I thought deeply about this blog and why I wanted to start one.

I’m starting a blog because the only thing, so far, that I am passionate about is learning new things. I love reading, and writing is something I would love to get better at. I have been an avid reader since the day I figured out how to make words with letters. It was mostly fiction and fantasy during my younger years, but for the past couple of years now I have read nothing but non fiction with the sole goal of finding something that intrigued me enough to try to make a profession of it.

The problem was that I found too many things! I want to learn it all! Unfortunately, I do not have a perfect memory so I have chosen two subjects that are interesting to me and that I plan on learning as much about as I can. Ideally, I will distill the information and write about it on this blog, but I am also learning about blogging and writing so it may be a bit rough at first.

The two subjects I plan on writing about (with other topics sprinkled in occasionally) are real estate/real estate investing and business, specifically personal finance.

“But there are tons of blogs about that stuff already!”

That is very true. I don’t care. While I hope to help people learn more about these subjects, I am doing this mostly for me. I consider this a place where I can teach to learn.

“The best way to learn is to teach”, as the famous saying goes.

I don’t want what I’m doing to be considered “teaching”, per se. I prefer “enlighten” or “inform” better.

Anyway, that is my plan. I appreciate any and all comments, particularly the constructively critical ones. While I am informing you all, you can be teaching me about how to make the content better!

It’s a win-win!

Thank you for joining me on my journey and once I get the hang of the email subscription part of blogging, I plan to let my email subscribers know what I’m reading, watching, listening to, etc.

So please consider subscribing!

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Navy Veteran. New blogger. Avid Reader. Lifetime learner. I'm from Ventura County in Southern California. I love the weather but I miss the seasons sometimes.

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